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What we do

Beauty Shoppe transforms historic buildings into vibrant and beautiful workplaces, with integrated services and amenities for the monthly or tenured consumer. Designed and equipped for all individuals and organizations, our role is to create exceptional, flexible work spaces that enable you to do what you do best.

How we’re different

We call it workplace hospitality. We believe that modern workspaces should cater to the finer aspects of individual life needs, so we deliver more than functionality and pristine design: we bring transparency, attention to detail, and the utmost level of service to the coworking industry.

Who we are

Raised in the values, principles, and practices of coworking, we honor our neighborhoods, our neighbors, and the dignity of all forms of work (and life). Some of our contemporaries make the workplace exclusive. We prefer to be open to all.

Overview Desc: Flex office seating for the freelancer, individual entrepreneur, or startup.
Overview Desc: Dedicated desk space for individuals or teams seeking cost efficiency.
Overview Desc: Private office suites, sized for one to ten individuals with access to amenities.
Overview Desc: All the benefits of flex membership at a reduced cost for students.
Overview Desc: Office solutions that scale with teams and growing organizations.

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