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Liberty Bank Building | East Liberty

Nestled right in the heart of East Liberty, amongst all the fancy new retail stores and above our favorite Macaron bar is a neighborhood workplace that has housed local residents and business owners for over a decade now. It may not be as glamorous as Google’s Hq a few blocks away, but it’s pretty much the most functional place to work in the East End.

Need a daily office, a quiet place for a conference, or an entire floor for your growing team? We got you covered, and oh yeah, there is plenty of parking. Just ask us for a recommendation. 

Astroid | Southside
It’s a beautiful cafe and, like our workspaces, is always open to the public and also reservable for events. The espresso is quality-controlled by Italians, the banquettes are quite comfortable, the artwork is local (obviously), the staff is very kind, and the open, free Wifi is climate-controlled. Our go-to? An Espressive and any pastry made by Chef Sam Cobbett of Sam’s Bakeshop. Enjoy.  

Terminal Building | Southside

Our Beauty Shoppe Southside location is one element in the rather ambitious redevelopment of the historic Pittsburgh Terminal Building, a sprawling complex that once served as a road, river, and rail transport station. Do yourself a favor and either cycle, walk or run (or just park your car) through the Southside’s GAP trial over to Terminal Building for a stroll through what is becoming Pittsburgh’s very own version of The Highline. Before it’s too late, check out this secluded, up-and-coming, soon-to-be-overrun with hipsters part of town. 

Nearly forgot about our workspace. Here’s the skinny; Our not-so-modest Terminal Building project is a combination of flexible workspaces, private offices and suites, large makerbays and designer studios, and enough space in total to house an ambitious high-growth startup or an enterprise corporate team as their local downtown headquarters. Enjoy an Espressive at our on-site cafe Astroid while you mull it over. 


Arsenal Motors | Lawrenceville

Arsenal Motors will open in the very near future, probably (hopefully) April 1. There are plenty of offices across Pittsburgh and I guess some folks still consider us to offer ‘coworking’, but Arsenal Motors is really something else. With the quality of the built environment, the attention to furniture and technology detail, and the depth of its service program, Arsenal Motors is more of a four-star hotel than any typical office space.

With Arsenal Motors, we’ve corrected for many of our past shortcomings by putting everything the typical professional needs in their worklife in one place. Better yet, there is still an opportunity to help complete the project’s offering by collaborating with us on the first floor retail bays. Want to open a retail shoppe, restaurant, music venue, bicycle stand, black box theatre, you name it? 

Give us a shout! We’ll buy you a couple espressos and talk it through with ya. Or just book a tour with Aleigh and she’ll knock your socks off. 


Americus Club | Downtown
We worked with a small group of local hospitality pros (friends, really) to rebrand the former Pitt Building into Americus Club, a new-age workplace for the downtown professional who is still looking for their place. So far beyond any traditional office or downtown coworking space and a better alternative to convening with colleagues and clients in a hotel lobby or coffee shop. Stop in for a client meeting, create a personal workspace for yourself, build a culture for your entire team. Take an office, a retail bay, a full floor, the Warehouse. It’s entirely up to you, but now you don’t have an excuse to move back into that biege and boring office space of the past.