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Welcome to a new kind of workplace. Where we cater to the human inside of us all and the neighborhoods where we live.

The neighborhood workplace, reconfigured for modern professionals, local residents and community groups, and for the human inside of us all. Together with local fabricators, designers, community groups and residents, we create workplaces that leave us feeling cared for, healthier, and more energized at the end of the workday than at the beginning. Together with you – our friends, partners, neighbors and local leaders – we think about work and community spaces differently and alongside others who need to do the same. As a neighborhood, we are creating more resilient bonds with each other that lead to more meaningfull, connected, and beautiful workday experiences. 

Here and in the pages that follow, you will see our core offerings from work and meeting spaces to events and programs. For those interested in a more comfortable and productive workday experience, our offerings are rather straight-forward. 

For folks who may be beginning to think about the role of work in their lives or rethinking where and how you conduct work, we encourage you to reach out or to come visit us. Our workplaces and our brand are set apart from the others due to our local-ness and the power of partnership. Lets strengthen our local community together. 









































Who Visits Our Buildings

For the essential and deemed otherwise. For local brands, business owners and residents For the tenured CEO and first-day intern. For the SVP and their corporate team as much as the college recruiter. For the PhD researcher, the private tutor and the job applicant. For the working parent. For the executive director, the restauranteur, bartender and novelist. For the human inside of us all. 

Workplace Offerings and Private Meeting Space


A subscription way to use professional space. A business home and place to convene with team, partners and clients. A better way to access workplace amenities whenver the need arises. Our coworking memberships help you make sense of using professional workspace. No traditional fees or barriers. Simply an affordable, beautiful, and easy way to use fully-furnished workspaces in your favorite neighborhoods. Stay for a day, a month, until you finish a project or book, or for a lifetime. You decide the terms. 

Private Office

Custom-designed, fully-furnished office and studios for personal work or a growing team, safeguarded with a membership subscription and designed to spend time in. From enclosed spaces on a shared office floor to custom-branded full-floor office suites more attune to a traditional offering. We carefully select the materials and work with local fabricators. And while we design our offices with a certain occupant count in mind for comfort, we invite you to customize your spaces to meet your workstyle.

Meeting Spaces

Our spacious and carefully tailored conference settings are well-appointed for seminars, workshops, trainings, virtual demos, showcases, screenings and classrooms. With a wide variety of formal boardrooms and informal ideation and group-work spaces, Beauty Shoppe meeting spaces cater to a wide audience and can be reconfigured still to meet the needs of a specific group or program criteria. 

Event Venues

Architectually unique and inspiring event venues that showcase and serve to unit our city. We welcome our members, local residents and guests to make our spaces their own and to share in both intimate and large-scale gatherings and experiences. Complimented by Beauty Shoppe’s on-site service staff and breadth of hospitality partners, our event venues play host to after-parties and hosted dinners, performances, summits, workshops and corporate retreats.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Americus Club in downtown Pittsburgh is a fantastic resource for Beauty Shoppe members. Sprawling lounge spaces, breakout and private meeting spaces, a boardroom. Whether you hold permanent membership or simply use Americus Club to impress clients, it’s a downtown space unlike others.



A hidden gem of a workplace at the Southside’s Terminal Building, a sprawling redevelopment project and home to Beauty Shoppe Southside and Astroid Cafe.



East Liberty

Located on Penn Avenue in the heart of East Liberty and above our favorite Macaron Bar, Beauty Shoppe East Liberty encompasses all of the Liberty Bank Building.



Ohio City

A gorgeous neighborhood workplace nestled into Cleveland’s Ohio City and home to Foyer Cafe. Large communal workspaces, private offices and conference spaces, a drawing room with street-level retail access.



A workplace unlike others in Pittsburgh – sweeping lounge spaces, washes of natural light, retro car upholstery, designer studios, private offices, boardrooms and studies for office-goers and local residents alike.