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Is It Safe To Come Out Now?

Our Way Forward

This historic moment of collective grief spawned micro moments that enriched us, encouraged us, and sweetened the air around us. The compassion felt good. These moments are what we want to carry forward with us.

Specific partnerships ideas below.




Working our way forward with and through local partnerships.

Now more than ever, we’re learning what it means to be a good neighbor. To take an extra moment to ask, and listen. To run an errand, or make a phone call. To simply check-in. What we’ve learned over the past few weeks is that life moving forward won’t look or feel the same. Nor should it. We have collectively experienced the most clear, obvious, brute reminder that we are literally all in this thing together. Let’s not forget it. We won’t. Our way forward is together.

The Our Way Forward Initiative is focused on:

Creating meaningful beneficial partnerships with retailers, cultural programmers, hospitality providers, artists and musicians.

Hearing about how the quarantining experiences informs how you want to – or don’t want to – use office space in the future.

A Call for Partnerships

We are looking for retailers and coffee operators in Ohio City, Cleveland interested in experimenting and offering services within our space there. No expensive buildouts necessary. No long term leases. Just bring your spirit and skills and we’ll provide the setup.

We are looking for fitness and wellness providers, retailers to partner inside our spaces in Lawrenceville and Downtown Pittsburgh.

We are looking generally for cultural programmers, hospitality professionals, artists, musicians, parents, wise young folk, those who sacrifice, those who want to, and generally those we can learn from.

Looking to talk to you.

The New Normal Of Work and Space

Some of us will choose to be remote for good. Some of us never want to get on another video call again. All of us are trying to address how we will live, grow, connect in the ‘new normal’.

So are we.

Our focus is the workday experience, and our objective is the right service for you. We are primarily flexible office providers, and are trying to understand where we need to be flexible and responsive.

Some things we’re thinking about:

Do you not need an office space, but rather a place to meet once in a while?

Do you need an office set up for you on occasion?

Do you need a place to store your stuff?

Do you need video conferencing capabilities?

Do you need office services extended to your home?

Rather than guess, we’d rather hear from you. We’ll be reaching out to existing members, and others we haven’t heard from in a while. If we haven’t met, this would be a great time to connect. We hope this can help inform our path forward.

Partnership Ideas

A Cafe, Bar or Record Store in Ohio City, Cle

Taking Over or Rethinking Foyer Cafe

Foyer Cafe is a Bavarian-style cafe and event space in Cleveland’s Ohio City that adjoins Beauty Shoppe Cleveland. The space sits at the nucleus of a broad neighborhood redevelopment within Cleveland’s creative class community.

The immediate opportunity is to take over the existing operation, breathing new life into Foyer or completely revamping the concept. The total space is about 1,500 sf.

Partnership ideas: Morning and Lunch F&B Service. Evening Bar and Performance Space. Record Store or Flower Shop. Gallery and Exhibition Space.

A Performance Space & Bar Service Downtown

Expanding the Program at Americus Club

For those who haven’t visited Americus Club, it is quite possibly the most beautiful and comfortable place to work in downtown Pittsburgh. It has a loyal and committed list of companies and visitors who believe in bringing business and cultural activity downtown.

Within Americus Club and in the adjacent Dumbo-ish Warehouse, there are spaces aplenty.

Partnership ideas: Evening Bar. Event and Entertainment. Fitness & Wellness. Robotics Co. or Manufacturer

Grocery Store and Art Gallery in Lawrenceville

Giving Residents What They Desire on Butler Street

As soon as possible, we’ll be opening Beauty Shoppe Lawrenceville at Arsenal Motors at 37th and Butler Streets. The ground floor consists of two retail bays which approximate 4,000 sf or, taken separately, are 1,500 and 2,200 sf.

From a design and operation standpoint, the building will be stellar with two floors of office and event space and a rooftop.

Partnership ideas: Food & Beverage or Catering business. Retailer. Exhibition and Event Space Operator. Fitness & Wellness.

Our Way Forward Is Together.




Now Is The Time to Start Talking, Brainstorming and Planning for Action.

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