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For passionate neighbors.

How We Do Business

It all starts with a relationship and the genuine will and intention to create value across all parties involved. We make deep assessments of markets and neighborhoods, partners and vendors to ensure that our projects hold purpose and are additive to the factors already at play in a given community. Our work starts with under-utilized or desolate buildings or spaces. We envision repurposed spaces through the coworking lens, but the approach is not just coworking. The approach is an open canvas, upon which we cater to the space needs, expectations, and aspirations of the local community.

Our Cities

Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, they don’t overwhelm us with their bounties. Instead, they embed us within a community, assign us a role, present the challenges, and call us to action. These post-industrial towns, fledgling in their renaissances, are open to contributions and input from their residents. They are eager to overcome their struggles, be on a new path, and set an example for other cities. One does not merely live in the city, but with the city. As a collaborative project between city and resident, every individual can make a mark on their city. Given the opportunity to do business anywhere, we do business here. In these places that are most receptive of the unique individual and all we have to offer.