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What Just Happened?

It has been a dream-like revelation of one very scary version of the future.  A dystopian reality straight out of a SciFi B-Movie. In some ways. In other ways, this hallucination we’re living through is an indelicate reminder of one of the most beautiful, spiritual, life-affirming truths: that we are literally all in this together. A reality made obvious by the shared hardships, but best exemplified by some tiny bits of light.

Hidden in the confusion and sadness of the past few weeks are moments of humanity and joy that we will, for now, choose to focus on.  When, in those odd and dark days, we bumped into a friend or colleague – perhaps while on a walk, a brief respite to the seclusion –  the often-trite ‘how are you’ was heightened by a longer pause, a softer glance, and sincere  request to know.  The words didn’t change much, but the question seemed so much more poignant, authentic, and serious. Even if filtered through a bizarre face contraption.  We were reminded of the fickle nature of our sanity, health, financial well-being – all of it was at risk. And for that moment, we really cared; we loved; we felt compassion. 

Conversations with essential workers we happened upon that day would last a little longer, and seem a bit more connected than usual. We waved at neighbors we haven’t waved at before. We celebrated our front line medical workers.. We spent more time with our families. We called friends we haven’t connected with in a long time. We heard the news that someone we know got sick. And felt deeply for them. We set up daily video gatherings to stay connected.  Even our septuagenarian parents or grandparents got on Zoom to see the whole family. 

This historic moment of collective grief spawned micro moments that enriched us, encouraged us, and sweetened the air around us. The compassion felt good.  These moments are what we want to carry forward with us. 

To do that, we need you. 

This is why we’re launching Our Way Forward campaign. The goal of the campaign is simple: understand – sincerely understand – how you are doing, and figure out how we can work together.  Perhaps we can reduce the costs to starting back up. Maybe we can join forces. Maybe we can connect you with someone whose resources complement yours, and together you can meet shared goals.

First, retailers, cultural programmers, event planners/managers, food and beverage folks, gallerists and florists, artists and musicians.

If you’re trying to figure your place in the ‘new normal’, so are we. Are you looking for funds or a capital light way to providing your service. Perhaps we can help. Lets talk and figure this out together.

Second, office users. Coworking members, or not.

We would love to connect and learn what the crisis taught you about how you want to use, or not use, office space. We want to learn from you, and adjust for you.

Our Way Forward Is Together.