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Our spacious and carefully tailored conference settings are well-appointed for seminars, workshops, trainings, virtual demos, showcases, screenings and classrooms.

With a wide variety of formal boardrooms and informal ideation and group-work spaces, Beauty Shoppe meeting spaces cater to a wide audience and can be reconfigured still to meet the needs of a specific group. Complemented by room service and top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment, our meeting rooms are a welcome escape and sought-after offsite places that make all the difference.

Meeting Spaces in Downtown Pittsburgh

Americus Club in downtown Pittsburgh is a fantastic resource for Beauty Shoppe members. Sprawling lounge spaces, breakout and private meeting spaces, a boardroom. Whether you hold permanent membership or simply use Americus Club to impress clients, it’s a downtown space unlike others.

Meeting Spaces in East Liberty

Located on Penn Avenue in the heart of East Liberty and above our favorite Macaron Bar, Beauty Shoppe East Liberty encompasses all of the Liberty Bank Building.

Meeting Spaces in Ohio City

A gorgeous neighborhood workplace nestled into Cleveland’s Ohio City and home to Foyer Cafe. Large communal workspaces, private offices and conference spaces, a drawing room with street-level retail access.

Meeting Spaces in Lawrenceville

A workplace unlike others in Pittsburgh – sweeping lounge spaces, washes of natural light, retro car upholstery, designer studios, private offices, boardrooms and studies for office-goers and local residents alike.

The Neighborhood Gathering Spot

Close to your home and an affordable and convenient place to convene. Our event venues are architectually interesting, design-forward, and well-equipped for a variety of events and programs. From concept to cleaning, we strive to make it easy for folks to get together and to build meaningful relationships. 

At Your Service

Our signature hospitality extends from the workplace into events and programs throughout the workday and on the weekends. Our team has the experience, the chops, partners and relationships to execute on almost any event type, and be sure to do so with incredible attention to the details. From the art direction, conception, and styling of the event to day-of load-in, load-out, event staffing or even hosting, treat us like your extended team members. 

Our Neighborhood

We are the local, neighborhood workplace and the community social hub. From our more tenured members to our guests and subscribers, our community consists of those who live, work, network, and consume everything local.

If you’re interested in taking root in our local community, in showcasing your talents and giving back to the neigborhood than you’re a perfect fit for Beauty Shoppe.

Think you have a radical idea for a lecture series, retail kiosk, wellness offering, restaurant, bar service, rooftop cycling program, run-club, music studio, art gallery, apparel or hotel partnership?

Well, you’re in good company. Lets talk.