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A hospitality team at your service. Please provide the basics for what you may be looking for and how you prefer to stay in touch. We look forward to speaking with you shortly.

For Founders and Their Teams
Our founders and executives know that we deliver much more than functionality and pristine design. We create a cultural that attracts and retains talent, and helps to bring local visibility to your brand. 

For Independents
Beauty Shoppe has the reputation as the neighborhood workplace and perhaps the only other alternative to taking work to campus, the coffee shop, or the home office. And having a professional space to meet a client or colleague is always a plus. 

For Teams of All Sizes
Subscribing to workspace and not signing a traditional lease – regardless of how short-term and flexible it may seem – removes all of the traditional real estate constraints to fully utilizing professional space on your teams as your team size fluctuates and your design and technology requirements shift. We’re there for it all.