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Chroma transforms the historic Mural Building into a 75,000 square foot new-age workplace tailored to the needs of local brands and residents, modern companies, and leaders of innovation all within an emerging district. Designed to foster innovation, diversity, mentorship, incubation and collaboration, Chroma is ideal for privacy and independence and for individuals committed to Detroit’s creative economy. Redeveloped and branded to serve as a beacon to the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood, Chroma is a reimagining of the ideal workplace and cultural home for Detroiters. 

Opening in mid-summer 2020, Chroma is a seven-floor workplace designed with a variety of work configurations to cater to the demands of the modern professional. From full-floorpate private office suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and 360-degree views to fully furnished private offices and studios (and yes, coworking too), Chroma is a place where founders and executives can control scale and team culture. Across each offering is state-of-the-art building, technology, service and design systems and the flexibility for founders, executives and brand-builders to choose how best to deploy their budget, even on a monthly basis. 

For local residents, visitors and members alike, Chroma is a place for culture, business and the neighborhood. We’ve designed Chroma to cater to your worklife pursuits, and offer the following:

Traditional Office Full Floor Suites

Serviced Offices and Coworking

Boardroom, Conference and Convening Spaces

Programs and Events


Chroma is slated to open summer 2020

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