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How multiple Beauty Shoppe members worked together for a successful event

Dani Gundlach, Beauty Shoppe member since just May of 2015, has managed to bring together members in different fields to collaborate on one project.  Dani is the head of sales and marketing for The Paper Loftsdevelopment in North Oakland.  The Paper Lofts are a unique approach to loft-style living, allowing buyers to have input on 100% of the decisions made design-wise. These lofts are giving homeowners a rare experience that no other developper in town is able to offer, with typical design choices being limited to three types of finishes.  While in construction phase, the project developpers received feedback that potential buyers were interested in addtiional storage outside of the unit, and they were able to accomodate extra space in the garage for storage, showing the project’s emphasis on the buyer’s preferences.  When Dani became involved in The Paper Lofts project, she collaborated with Beauty Shoppe member Bill Krewinski to determine the brand’s identity and create the logo. At the same time, Bill was selling his house and Dani was able to help with that.  Dani mentioned that Bill will continue to work with her to help brand her own real estate team, producing even more Beauty Shoppe collaboration.

This summer, on July 11th, The Paper Lofts hosted an event to introduce those who were invited to the project.  The evening of the 11th was the first time they were offered for sale and the night consisted of food, beverage and live music in the raw loft space to give the guests a feel for loft-style living. In planning the event, Dani decided to reach out to her Beauty Shoppe community to fill some unsatisfied needs for the evening.  She reached out in search of an interior designer, and although she didn’t go with any of the recommended options, she was aided to narrow down her choices. In her efforts, she was able to collaborate with Beauty Shopper Jeff Betten, head of Misra Records, to find entertainment for the evening, settling on some great bands including the Shelf Life String Band and Andre Costello and the Cool Minors.