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Half the Pittsburgh Sky


We hold dearly to our past – the metallic cradle of civilization – while celebrating poignant elements of the present. From the inside, we see 300 thousand souls working toward some semblance of an emerging progressive, rhythmic harmony. From the outside, one senses energy, pride and youth that transcends rivers, hills and tunnels too.

But it is not always united, harmonious or balanced; it is not always progressive.

We believe the Pittsburgh “renaissance,” the revitalization many are observing, especially evident in the city’s East End, risks adopting a narrative that is unduly focused on tech, startup, being a badass or crushing it. We share the sentiment of Jessica Jackley recently expressed at this incredible event put together by our friends at Fygment (cheers Kit and Adam xoxo), that the mainstream perspective on what makes a successful, legitimate entrepreneur risks falling into male dominated narratives or archetypes of success.

We believe empathy rules the day, yes even when it comes to building a successful business. According to organizer Nora Sweeney, the goal of Four Courses is to provoke expressive conversation in an intimate and comfortable environment.

“We engaged in valuable discussions amongst a diverse set of women,” Sweeney said. “As the curator of the dinner, I felt inspired by what I learned from my fellow women. I feel driven to continue to promote these types of discussions, not just at Four Courses, but in everyday life.”

Our four course dinner series celebrates femininity as a function of breathing life into the revival of our steel-laden city. Our partnership with Smallman Galley aims to bring Pittsburgh’s women leaders together for wonderful food & meaningful conversation. Our hope is that this, more than anything, will cultivate a new way to network.

Follow this link to see some pics from the event, dubbed “Four Courses, Four Conservations.”

Please reach out if you’re interested in participating in this evolving approach to learning about us, our city, and how to aim for true progress.

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Head over to Facebook for the full album. Photo credit: Loren De Marco.

Special thanks to Smallman Galley, for their hospitality.

Our attendees: Emily Levenson, Shannon Vukmir, Shannon Plush, Christine Lambrou, Jody Fisher, Tara Rockacy, Marlene van Es, Jaclyn Clifford, Emily Slagel. (Beauty Shoppe: Marissa Fogel, Nora Sweeney)