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Happenings: Openhack

From Dublin to Bangalore and in dozens of cities in between, programmers of all levels are meeting up and coding together.

Letter: Plug In

As The Beauty Shoppe grows, cofounder Matthew Ciccone shares some thoughts about Pittsburgh and lessons learned.

Photo Essay: Location, Location

Something can’t come from nothing, but in an empty space, anything is possible. This was the thinking at the Beauty Shoppe, as we tore down the interior walls of the Liberty Bank Building, opening up space and flooding it with light. Open space is essential for the free circulation of humans and their ideas. It's the architectural answer to the question of collaboration.

Interview: Kit Mueller

If you’re part of Pittsburgh’s tech startup community, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Kit Mueller. The exuberant 39-year-old entrepreneur advises startups, invests in them, and organizes events to get entrepreneurs in the same room talking about what’s worked, what’s failed, and what’s ripe with potential.

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