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What our desk configuration says about what we believe

In a world so fond of the IPO, the Corporation, the lone entrepreneur, and the hot-shot CEO, we find something nostalgic and meaningful in the traditional private partnership.

Out of favor even before Merrill Lynch led the investment banks private in the 1970s, the Partnership hearkens back to an ethos of “skin in the game,”  building for the long term, and of risking one’s own capital rather than that of the shareholder. It reminds us of bow-ties, and of when accountability meant eschewing the big private corner office and sitting down with the beard that sat across from you every day to solve a problem.

Randolph and Mortimer Duke aside, we have a lot to learn from the Partnership. And so when the time came to lay out the expanded Beauty Shoppe, we took a page from 1890 and fashioned ourselves some Partner’s Desks. And while bow-tie’s are strongly encouraged, you don’t need a beard – or even a partner – to get one. You don’t even need much capital.

Partner’s Desks now available for Full Memberships. For you, your partner, and your friends. Come plug in and start building.


About the historical photo: Benjamin Franklin Jones, right, founder of Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation, is shown with his parner with John McKennan, in the the old Pittsburgh Warehouse Office, 1895. The company supplied iron to the Union Army during the American Civil War and later fed steel rails to a rapidly growing railroad. Image courtesy Thomas & Catherine Detre Library and Archives, Sen. John Heinz History Center, found thanks to the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections.