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“Work/life balance” is, in many ways, an antiquated notion: it presumes that we have (or should have) the ability to compartmentalize our lives into two separate, non-overlapping categories.

For the second installation of our Desk Project, we’re exploring the intersection of work and life: how our attitudes have changed, how our work has changed, and how both employers and the workplace have evolved to accommodate the shift.



“I am a mom to a toddler so the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the future of work, is family friendly.


As our generation grows up, I think we want to have a family structure that allows both parents to work if they want to.


Companies and offices are doing a lot; I hope the people in power are thinking about these things.”


ALI TRACHTA, Content Writer & Editor at Niche


“We’re certainly moving toward a flexible integration of life and work. I am never really mad if I have to finish something on a weekend or during non-business hours. Because if I ever need to cut out of work early and pick up my daughter, I can.


Sometimes, my mother-in-law will be at the house and she sees me working on a Sunday. And she is baffled. The thing is, our work is not measured in items produced or hours spent. It’s not like that anymore.


Did you get your job done?
Are people happy to work with you?

That’s what matters.”


— SUSANNE MUELLER, Product Owner at Rhiza (a Nielsen company)


“People are most productive when they can have silence in them and around them. The future holds the ability to aggregate and to collaborate with colleagues and places where you can focus quietly on your work.


Work-Life…Work-Home…the whole thing is a balance. You can have days at work where you’re in meetings and then you get home and think ‘Did I get anything done today?’


What we’ve been able to create here – as an entrepreneurial hub – is a dynamic space where you can work, take classes and be part of an environment. In a lot of ways, we’re very fortunate. Because this is the future of work.”


— REBECCA HARRIS, Executive Director at the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University