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The Desk Project: Volume III

We all must choose how to balance the need to “get things done” with the desire to innovate. For the third installation of Beauty Shoppe’s Desk Project, we talked to three distinguished women who shared their perspectives on routine.

The Desk Project: Volume II

For the second installation of our Desk Project, we’re exploring the intersection of work and life: how our attitudes have changed, how our work has changed, and how both employers and the workplace have evolved to accommodate the shift.

The Desk Project: Volume I

The concept behind the Desk Project was simple: track down Pittsburgh's change makers and ask them how they work. Why they work. What they envision for the future of work.

Neighborhood Cocoon

We listened as he became excited about Pittsburgh’s change from a departure to a destination. About creating a home for productivity and for people to connect. About engaging the community and keeping in touch.

Setting the Table

From the inside, we see 300 thousand souls working toward some semblance of an emerging progressive, rhythmic harmony. From the outside, one senses energy, pride and youth that transcends rivers, hills and tunnels too.

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