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The place where we first started, and forever our home. Pittsburgh is the place our grandmother found, our mother ran away from, and where we now find solace in pride and promise. It’s a place of forgiveness and return. And of resolute affection for anything and everything local. Pittsburgh is a collaborative project between the city and its people, where every individual can make a mark on its landscape, and not an exclusive few. It’s a place proud of its resilience and renewal, ready for us all to shape the future.

There’s a reverence we hold for the town founded at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. And for all the passionate neighbors, business owners, creatives, and community servants who strive to build a better home and business community for each other and their families. While Clevelanders’ inspiration and invention may flourish behind closed doors in cold months, their creative expression blossoms each spring across a fledgling cultural scene.