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Beauty Shoppe Broker Partnership

Introduce clients. Own the relationship. Get paid monthly.

Full-Service Office for All

Individuals. Small Companies. Corporations.

How people work, and their relationships with their built environment is rapidly changing. Changes that impact how freelancers, startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500s experience office. A glimpse of this emerging asset class is seen in Pittsburgh’s community-based ‘coworking’ spaces. Beauty Shoppe professionalizes this concept with beautifully designed, excellently managed offices and worklife spaces for individuals to enterprise-level companies and corporations.

A Different Approach to Coworking

Beauty Shoppe is a Pittsburgh-based, service-oriented office operator with a growing network of professional work- and event-spaces across the city. Beautiful design, integrated food & beverage, lifestyle retail, and inspired programming make Beauty Shoppe a hub for business and creative culture.

In a world where workers increasingly have the desire to specify their own personal work experiences, Beauty Shoppe offers large firms and corporations new ways to acknowledge and build strong bonds with entrepreneurial-minded employees and the creative industries.

  • A cost effective way for employees to access exceptional workplace experiences (from custom-built desks, private offices, and office suites to lounges, phone rooms, breakout spaces, conference rooms, and ideation and event spaces)
  • The ability for employers to lay employees across membership plans and locations (to maximize proximity benefits to their residential neighborhoods)
  • A high-level service provision (like child-care and catered lunch meetings and events)
  • Access to ongoing education (with some of the City’s leading programmers)
  • Excellent networking opportunities, making membership good for business

The Partnership

With Beauty Shoppe, you can offer your clients beautiful office and event space, excellent hospitality, and access to our network of spaces while owning the client relationship, even through upgrades and renewals. The broker partnership is paid out on a monthly basis under the following compensation structure:

No Commitment Term
10% of the gross membership fee for months 1 through 12.
12+ Month Commitment Term
10% of the gross membership fee for months 1 through 12; 2% of the gross membership fee for months 13 through 24.
2% of the gross membership fee
105 of the gross membership fee for new desks (dedicated workspace)
*Expansions do not apply to flex-memberships (non-dedicated workspace)

Moving Ahead

Whether it’s an existing building or space within our network or a workspace we’ll be bringing to market soon, lets work together to find the best office solution for your client that provides them with beautifully built-environments, flexibility, and creative spaces in great locations. Lets start the conversation today.